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In 2013, Lokaalmondiaal took the initiative to continue KIT Publishers, the only independent publishing house in the Netherlands on development studies, global art and culture and geography and ethnology. The publisher will continue under the name LM Publishers, and will offer most of the backlist and frontlist of KIT Publishers
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Butterflies of Suriname [OP] Hajo B.P.E Gernaat, Borgesius G. Beckles, Tinde van Andel
"This is truly an extraordinary book! I have seen few regional guides on butterflies that are packed so full of information and so beautifully illustrated. Color images grace nearly every page, and the various tables and color plates makes information easy to access. Related sections withing the book
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- Andrew D. Warren, Tropical Lepidoptera Research
The United Nations of the Future Willem van Genugten, Kees Homan, Nico Schrijver
"There is no shortage of books criticizing the UN. This well-written, carefully documented book offers more than that. The contributors show their confidence in the future of the UN to act as a "center" for turning globalization into the famous "four freedoms" idealized by Franklin D. Roosevelt for everyone
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- B. Sandhu, West Chester University , Choice